A Product Information Management (PIM) system is a software solution that helps companies to centrally organise, manage, optimise and distribute product information. It is a central system that collects and manages all important data and information on products to ensure effective product communication. A PIM system includes all types of product data, such as technical specifications, descriptions, images, videos, prices and much more.

The goal of a PIM system is to improve the quality and consistency of product data and thereby increase the efficiency of business processes. Central data management can ensure that all departments of a company (e.g. marketing, sales, purchasing, logistics) work with up-to-date and consistent data. Errors and redundant data are avoided, leading to a more efficient use of resources.

Another advantage of a PIM software is the possibility to prepare product data for different distribution channels. By integrating webshop or print catalogue modules, product data is automatically prepared for sale in the online shop or for catalogue printing.

BMEcat Format

PIM systems are used by companies from various sectors, e.g. in trade, industry or the service sector. The use of the BMEcat format is important here, as it achieves a standardised exchange of product information between different systems and companies. It defines uniform data structures and contents for the description of products and services, such as article numbers, descriptions, prices, packaging units and delivery conditions.

This allows product data to be exchanged efficiently and without errors, which is particularly advantageous for companies with many products and sales channels. The BMEcat format helps to improve data consistency and data quality, minimise sources of error and shorten the time-to-market for new products.

Advantages ComBinder PIM

The advantages of a PIM system like ComBinder PIM are manifold. It enables centralised management and organisation of product data in BMEcat format, reducing data duplication, improving data quality, automating processes and facilitating collaboration between departments and teams. Improved product communication also improves customer satisfaction and increases the conversion rate.

The ComBinder PIM is characterised by its intuitive user interface and its flexible configuration options. It supports a variety of formats, such as BMEcat and Excel, and enables the integration of data from different sources. The ComBinder PIM also offers functions such as easy maintenance, clear sorting and flexible export of data to various systems, such as web shops and print catalogues. The ComBinder PIM is an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes and offers a scalable architecture that can grow with the business.

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