Choosing the right shop system

Choosing the right shop system is an important decision that influences the success of your online business. There are many different shop systems on the market and choosing the right one for your business depends on a number of factors.

Complexity of the products

The nature of your products is an important factor when choosing a shop system. If you sell complex products, such as products with many variants or configuration options, you need a shop system with strong product management functions. A product information management (PIM) system can be very helpful here, as it allows product data to be managed and presented quickly and easily.

Product prices

Another important factor is the use of complex prices, such as scale prices. If you use them, you need a shop system that supports these pricing models. This enables you to create individual offers for your customers and thus increase your sales.

It is also important that the chosen shop system can be integrated with a PIM system. This allows you to maintain and update your product data quickly and easily, which in turn strengthens customer loyalty and your company’s online presence.

While it is important to choose a shop system with a wide range of functions, it is not the decisive factor. It is more important that the shop system meets the above criteria and fits well with your business.

System provider

Costs are also important, but should not be the primary factor when choosing a shop system. It is worth investing in a high-quality shop system, as this can lead to a higher return in the long term. Furthermore, you should consider the further development of the shop system, as the elimination of security gaps or other vulnerabilities have a factor on the stability of the system used.


In summary, choosing the right shop system depends on the type of products, the use of complex pricing and the ability to maintain product data with a PIM.

Please contact us. At JungMedia, we have extensive experience with our ComBinder PIM in structuring data and using the appropriate shop system.

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