24.03.2023 | ComBinder PIM, the Swiss Army Knife for managing product data, is now available in a free version for the Maker scene. With this, Makers can organise and optimise their own warehouses to make their projects more efficient.

The Free version contains all the basic functions required for the management of product data. The scope of functions includes categorising and describing products and adding images.

With ComBinder PIM, makers can easily map and optimise their own warehouse and its structure. The free version includes all the necessary functions for effective organisation of the stock. The print and shop modules are not included, as they are not required for the application. The ComBinder PIM is therefore the perfect tool for makers to optimise their hobby and make it more productive.

The free version of ComBinder PIM is free of charge and yet offers a user-friendly and effective way to organise your own Maker warehouse. Die fehlenden Funktionen des Print- und Shop-Moduls sind für die meisten Anwendungen bei Makern nicht erforderlich. Overall, the free version makes the tool the perfect choice for the maker scene.

“We are proud that the ComBinder PIM is now also available for the Maker scene,” says a JungMedia spokesperson. “With our free offer, we want to support this emerging community and help them make their projects more effective.”

The FreeVersion for the maker scene is another step towards democratic and accessible digitisation. Makers can now use the ComBinder PIM for free to organise their warehouses and take their projects to the next level.

Image source: Fxquadro stock.adobe.com

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