The ComBinder PIM from JungMedia GmbH now enables companies to integrate their product data into the multichannel platform 2BA through a BMEcat export. In the process, the ComBinder PIM checks the data for conformity to 2BA to ensure that it meets the requirements. Once the data is ready, it is automatically converted into BMEcat format and can be made available directly on the 2BA platform.

Using ComBinder PIM offers companies many advantages when it comes to efficiently managing their product data and supporting international sales. The system allows the creation of B2B catalogues in various formats such as IDML, PDF, Excel and CSV to inform customers in an appealing and organised way. In addition, companies can efficiently provide their product data in different languages.

The integration of ComBinder PIM with the 2BA platform is another important addition to the system’s existing functions. Companies already using the 2BA platform can now quickly and easily convert their product data into the BMEcat format and make it available on the platform.

Overall, the BMEcat export of the ComBinder PIM is a powerful feature that enables companies to quickly and easily make their product data available on the 2BA platform. By automatically converting to BMEcat format and checking for compliance with 2BA, companies can be sure that their data complies with the requirements.

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